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29 March 2011

Google news brings glad tidings today: mybloglog is now on death row. It will be hung publicly in May 2011.

Millions of people around the world jumped with joy as yahoo heralded the death of mybloglog. The evil forces of Spam and meaningless tripe have been struck another blow. The evil has been laid low, for now, but it will raise again. Even as we speak, legions of Spam bloggers and bored housewives are preparing to fire up their computers and reloading their word processors. Soon enough, they shall flood the Internet with hopeless drivel and hawk their wares to unsuspecting Internet users. Armed with the ammunition of a boring life and loads of time; they will, once again, besiege the walls of the Internet.

But for now, we can celebrate and enjoy the good times. The destruction of mybloglog will reduce the number of obstacles on the path to greater human understanding. No matter what happens, we can rest assured that the forces of meaning and value will ultimately triumph. The ruins of mybloglog will serve as a poignant reminder of the dangers of pandering to the whims of the multitude for free.

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