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Converting from Windows xp to Windows 8 By Ramakant Yadav

20 June 2012

Windows Xp to Windows 8

The new Windows

I recently upgraded my laptop from windows xp to windows 8. There is a lot about this on the internet, so I will be brief.
The cost:
Rs 1999. Not including the cost of the DVD. If you want a DVD, you need to pay extra.

The hardware: Intel Centrino dual core T550 at 1.83Ghz, 2GB memory, 15.4 inch LCD screen, 60 GB Hard Drive[yes 60 GB, the rest of the partitions are not available since I used to run dual boot windows xp with Linux mint]

My laptop does not have a touchscreen, so this is only about the non-touch part of windows 8.

Preparing for the Upgrade: Preparing for the upgrade was easy; all I had to do was download the small upgrade utility. The upgrade advisor utility did warn me that apps and documents would not get migrated. It also did a compatibility test with the hardware. Next step was payment and download of the 2GB of bits.

Installing: Download was easy to do. Since my internet connection is rather slow, I had to leave it running all night. The upgrade utility had the ability to pause and continue downloads in case you are wondering about it. Installing was just a matter of clicking on the next button. Since my laptop is a dual boot system, I had to stick around just to make sure that it did not automatically boot into linux at every reboot.

First Run: The first run was slightly disconcerting, because there was no start button. The screen resolution was low and none of the apps would run. I tried the windows vista drivers that came with the laptop, but those were useless. The screen resolution remained the same.

Drivers: After some thinking, I got on the internet and made my way to the Intel website. The Intel website has a nice utility that scans your computer and suggests drivers for all the hardware it finds. After it identified the Intel hardware and the integrated graphics, it directed me to the drivers for windows 7 for them.

Installing the windows 7 drivers for the hardware bought my resolution back to 1280 X 800. I got the camera and audio working too.
Desktop Apps:

Visual Studio 2010: Installation of visual studio 2010 went smoothly; there were no errors at all. Installing a new application drops its icon into the start screen. Clicking on the visual studio icon simply drops you into the desktop with visual studio as usual.
Office and Word: Office 2010 works as a regular desktop application on the desktop. Just like in windows 7 or Windows xp. There is no difference in the desktop applications.

Windows Apps:
You need the proper resolution to make the apps in windows 8 work. Just make sure you have the proper drivers for your graphics card. In my case the windows 7 drivers had to be installed separately. Windows 8 apps run in full screen mode. But you can switch from one app to another by doing the alt+tab key combination just as before. Windows Apps run in full screen and can be downloaded and installed from the windows store. Unless, of-course, you write them yourself.

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