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22 May 2011

WHO really cares about the Central Bureau of Investigation? The journalists are back to their usual games. They really want us to feel bad about the CBI bungling a few names here and there. Are we all living in the same country? People are really bothered about a list that the government sends to Pakistan? Blogs on the "Times of India" talk about the "Zero Accountability Nation", and how we should all be ashamed. I wonder why? Do the people in the television/print media really expect the Pakistanis to hand over the terrorists wanted in India? Most people in India really don't care about what the CBI does. They are mostly too busy with their own personal lives to really bother about what the government is doing.

Most people pay their taxes and expect the government to deal with law enforcement other large scale issues. Take the money from us, find out the bad guys, put them on trial, and make it go away. It is not complicated, is it? But, of course, it is not an exact science. And money in India is always in short supply. People don't call us the "third world" for nothing. So some sleepy government official made a mistake and bungled the list. Hmm, so how much tax money are we spending on this? Are there any figures that tell us that we are not getting "value for money"?

See, talking without numbers is easy. I can make statements like "the government employees are paid a lot of money". I am not a journalist; I don't get paid to investigate lists. I can't really tell you how much was spent by the CBI over the last 1 year on preparing the list. So I decided to take a look at the newspapers and online media, maybe one of those giant news outlets had some idea?

After a couple of minutes of scanning and browsing, I decided to look in Google. Interestingly, all that I could find was a "9% CBI budget cut" article on the dnaindia.com site. The article was published on March7 2011. The CBI has 6000 employees and 30% of its posts are vacant. So, it is short-staffed and really has no money to spend. Funnily, there was no hue and cry when the budget cuts were announced in March 2011. Clearly, the journalists at that time really did not deem the news "useful or relevant". I wonder what the journalists in mainstream news-media expect from the grossly under-staffed and under-funded agency.

If you throw peanuts, don't complain when you get monkeys.

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