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13 March 2012

I woke up to the sound of someone trying to start a small motorcycle engine. The sounds of his efforts tore the stillness of the morning to shreds, penetrated the depths of my sleep and jolted me to the unpleasant reality of another morning.

“Another listless day in a long array of listless days”, I thought to myself, “a whole redundant array of listless days”.

It was a warm morning, humid yet bereft of any chance of rain. As I reached out and switched off the chemical electric mosquito repellent near my bed, I knew that this was not going to be an easy day.

Dim light filtered into the room as sun light struggled against the dark curtains on the windows. I knew I did not have much time. Any moment now, the onslaught would begin. “Chance favors the prepared mind”, I thought and got up. Not a moment too soon, I realized, as a bunch of mosquitoes descended from the darkness of the ceiling and began to circle my head. Mosquitoes, malarial mosquitoes, a whole swarm of them began to chase me as I flailed blindly with my arms. I knew that to be bitten by one of them would mean painful swelling of the affected area, possibly followed by a painful bout of malaria.

Mosquitoes take some time to track you down in a room. I knew that fact all too well. As I stumbled from the bedroom to the living room, I remembered that I hadn’t watched TV in a long time. I switched on the ceiling fan in a bid to throw the mosquitoes off the scent and settled in front of the TV to get some morning news. I took the control from the drawer near the television set and switched it on and waited. And waited. A full minute later I was still waiting. The TV had gone dark. My last escape route into an exciting fictional world: the world of morning news was now dead. The TV was dead. As dead as doornail.

Ramakant Yadav and the dead television Picture

As I continued to watch the black TV screen, hoping desperately for it to show some sign of life that morning, I noticed the gathering dawn outside the windows of the living room. There was to be no morning news for me that day, the silence of the morning was now broken by the sound of a jet plane roaring overhead. I knew it was a jet plane because the sound rattled all the windows in the house. It permeated everything in the house and gave it a good shake and rattle.

To be continued...

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