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2 March 2011

The huge similarities between WPF and glade programming in Linux.

After a long time, windows programming has reached where Linux GUI developers have been since the beginning of the decade. In the form of WPF, windows desktop programmers can now have the complete separation of concerns. Anyone who has ever written programs in glade or GTK+ on Linux should feel right at home while programming WPF. There is the familiar XAML layout files, the same connection of the viewers to the controller. Except, instead of c or c++ in the controller, we have C#. And instead of events, we have "signals". Even the function names are similar(on_click or on_change).

The same model of MVC is used in Silverlight, ASP.net and everything else. If you have mono running on Linux, then even the controller can be written in c#. Since gtk# is available for .net programmers on the Linux platform, even the last language barriers are blown away. So for a windows programmer to write programs on the Linux platform is not very different from writing WPF programs. Don't believe me? Look at any gtk+ tutorial on the Internet.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Having said that, I wonder how difficult it is to connect a WCF service to a GTK+ program written on Linux? Consuming a WCF service in Javascript and other clients is well documented. On windows, there is not much to see, but if WCF is "interoperable", the services should be able to communicate with c++ clients over the network. I wonder how long that takes to program?

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