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22 December 2012

I have been using the tablet computer for the last few days. It is a great device, and at less than Rs6500, it is about as expensive as a average mobile phone.

I had originally bought it as a way to read books. The basic kindle model retails for Rs 6500, about Rs 500 more than the tablet. It is much cheaper to read the books using adobe pdf reader on the android tablet. Also I get usb keyboard and mouse support. That means I can connect a regular keyboard to the tablet and it will work as designed. Without any problems at all.

To me the biggest advantage of using a tablet is the complete absence of any moving parts. It is a solid state device, there is no hot vent, pumping out hot air threatening to burn a hole into my mattress as I lie on my bed and type this out on a regular keyboard.

This is the way computers should be: quiet, unobtrusive and extensible. Of course there is no multitasking. I can switch between applications, but only one is active at one time. And it has word to go and excel to go. That means I can edit word documents and excel spreadsheets without firing up my laptop.

So...no, there is no readability check yet. There is a file count though. And for the price of a ms office home and student license, the price is not too bad. It is the nearest thing to a typewriter, you do not have to be tethered to a power cable all the time. It is very useful when you do not want to fire up the computer just to type in a few thoughts that just sprang up in your head. Sure you could fire up your laptop, but there is the time delay, the electricity consumption and the heat that needs to be dissipated using the built in fan. The missing fan is the best thing that I like about the tablet.

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