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12 March 2011

A mazon mechanical Turk is a great way to process small tasks that require some amount of minimum human intervention. Most of the work advertised are mechanical and simple in nature. Most of them involve monotonous jobs like clicking on images, or assigning categories for images or clicking on a link and verifying information.

At the outset it seems like a great way to make money, however the devil is in the details. Most of the tasks at M-Turk pay very less, even when converted to Indian Rupees. Most of them pay $0.01 to $0.1. Each HIT or task takes at least 5-10 minutes to complete. At that rate, one can make, at best, $1.2 per hour. In Rupees that comes out to Rs 50 per hour. If you work for 10 hrs., that works out to Rs 500 per day. That translates to Rs 10000 over the entire month, assuming 10 non-working days for one month. Not a bad amount if you are fresh out of collage and looking for mind numbing work.

Of course, I said "at best". On an average tasks cost $0.05, so that works out to Rs 5000 over the entire month. I am sure most people would start looking for a way to improve their skills and move on to better paying jobs within days of doing this type of work.

If you are still tempted after looking at the numbers, there is one more hurdle between you and easy money. And that hurdle is the $4 minimum. Amazon only pays by cheque in India. So every time you decide to get paid, you have to pay a $4 transaction charge. The money reaches you after 30 days by ordinary post. All you need to do is give your correct address and deposit the cheque in the bank. $4 is Rs 200 or roundabouts so its a big piece of the Rs 5000.

All in all, I think Amazon Mechanical Turk will appeal to the collage going crowd with a lot of free time between exams and a lonely social life.

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