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25 March 2011

Earth hour, in my opinion, is a very sad idea. Switch off your lights for an hour, every year. Apparently, switching off the lights will save the planet. From what or who, nobody knows. I wonder why people participate in these meaningless charades. Heck, drive less, switch off the computer, switch of the air-conditioning in the summer and sweat while sitting in the dark. Why would anyone want to switch off lights voluntarily is simply beyond me.
In India, people are used to lights being off. People are used to sitting in the dark swiping at unseen mosquitoes. Around sixty percent of Indians live in villages; most of them do not see the utility of having electricity. Electricity is not something they would like to pay for. It sounds rather logical when you think about it: brightly lit up streets are useless if everybody goes to sleep at seven thirty in the evening.
The other forty percent, which lives in the cities, celebrates Earth hour every day. Some people even celebrate it twice a day. Of course, they do not have to lift a finger. The utility companies decide it for them. Some cities in India even celebrate Earth hour for 8 hours daily. Regardless of rain or shine, the environmentally conscious power utilities ensure that Earth hour gets the attention it deserves.
I guess the main reason for the high rates of malaria in our country is due to the excessive environmental activism of the power utilities. The darkness leads to people flailing in the darkness at unseen mosquitoes. As the evening wears on, the weary populace tires of the mosquitoes and submits to the invisible mosquito onslaught. Malaria and death follows on swift wings.
Unlike third world countries, first world countries are lit up like a giant billboard. Alternatively, a giant advertising signboard, whichever you prefer. It is probably a good idea for them to switch of their billboards for 1 hour. Of course, people in the first world countries are not used to living in the dark and flailing their limbs at unseen mosquitoes. Therefore, they use candles and other forms of lighting in order to demonstrate their commitment to Earth hour. Earth hour should occur late in the night, preferably at three AM. This would stop people trying to strike matches and burn candles.
For some reason, that does not happen. Instead, Earth hour celebrations happen in the evening. I wonder why we even bother with this meaningless event.

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