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Bad Acer Laptop Power Adapters

25 December 2012

I recently bought my second Acer laptop power adapter in the last three years. I wonder why they break down so frequently? The wires all seem properly connected to the black power block, but the laptop just doesn't power up anymore. Every time I buy a new acer 65 W power adapter unit, it sets me back by around Rs. 2000. The model number that I keep buying year on year is AP.0650A.012&4W.17529.420. My current adapter was built in 2012, the one prior to that was manufactured in 2011. The one built in 2011 lasted 14 months. The power adapters have a warranty of 12 months and fail at the end of that warranty period.

I did not have a good experience with my Acer laptop. The laptop's motherboard failed within 9 months of buying it. I spent nearly Rs 1000 trying to get it to the nearest service center. They replaced the motherboard but only after I gave them a copy of the original invoice and bill. I had the bill, but I did not have the invoice. I was in another city at that time, so I had to contact the shop in Bangalore and have them email me a copy of the invoice.

Even after I gave the service center people a copy of all the documents they requested, I had to wait a good month and 10 days to get the motherboard replaced. Apparently, the motherboard of this particular model failed a lot, and there was a long queue for replacements.

Of course, after replacing the motherboard, Windows Vista would no longer boot. I called up Microsoft and they told me that I would have to buy a new license . The older license was tied to the hardware and since the hardware was now dead, the windows vista license was now invalid.

When I had bought the laptop, the Vista Home Premium license with the sticker on the laptop body had cost me Rs 4000 or so the sales person had led me to believe. But now with a new motherboard, the new Windows Vista license would cost me Rs 7000. I had used the license for exactly 9 months and paid Rs 4000 for the privilege. Windows Vista was always too slow on 2GB RAM and dual core processors. The laptop would get very hot when I used it to edit documents or browse the internet. Clearly something was amiss...

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